The supervision of the implementation of the Safety at Work Act ('Official Bulletin of the Republic of Montenegro', no. 79/04), regulations passed based on similar and other measures on safety at work, is conducted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of Montenegro through the Labour inspectorate, if the law does not establish that the supervision of the implementation of such regulations in specific activities is performed by other authorities. The Division for Labour inspectorate activities is a constituent part of the Labour inspectorate. The Division is headed by the Chief Labour inspector. The officials in the Division are labour inspectors who supervise employment relations and labour inspectors who supervise safety at work activities. In addition to the responsibilities and authorizations determined by the law, the Labour inspector for safety at work shall be responsible and authorized, in the process of conducting the inspection supervision, to :

  • examine general acts, collective agreements, contracts of employment, decisions, certificates and other individual acts, records and other documentation in the area of safety at work;
  • investigate serious personal injuries at work, collective accidents and fatalities. In addition to the Division's activities, the Social Council on a tripartite basis was formed in compliance with the Act on Social council ("Official Bulletin of Montenegro", no. 16/07) and assumed the role of the Economic and social council, which used to be of a 'tripartite plus' structure and included non-governmental organizations. The section dealt with issues of safety at work, and occupational medicine has been recently included in the Social council. At the end of 2009, the Strategy for improvement of health of employees and safety at work in Montenegro 2010 - 2014 was adopted together with the Implementation action plan. The social partners, in addition to the Government of Montenegro, are the representatives of the Trade Union of employees of

    Montenegro and the representatives of the Trade Union of employers of

    Montenegro. A significant role within the safety at work system has been delegated to the Retirement and disability insurance fund and the Health insurance fund, where all employees must be insured, which is responsible for providing the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare with data on injuries at work, occupational diseases, diseases in connection with work and occupational disabilities on request and on a monthly basis, for every calendar year, until January 31 at the latest, of the following year. Safety at work system in

    Montenegro also includes Authorized organizations for safety at work tasks, those being legal or natural personal persons qualified in terms of human resources, organizational, technical and other conditions prescribed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for performance of the following tasks:

  1. examination (evaluation) of technical documentation to determine terms of fitness of safety at work preventive measures, technical regulations and standards, in order to ensure compliance with the protection of employees in buildings equipped with elaborate technical documentation for work processes to be performed within same,
  2. qualifying and checking of qualification for safe work of the employees,
  3. jobs under Article 36 of the Safety at work Act,
  4. preparation of risk assessment activities, together with the proposal of measures for elimination thereof,
  5. periodical examinations and testing of the equipment, personal equipment and safety at work equipment,
  6. periodical examinations and testing of electrical and other installations, and
  7. examination of work environmental conditions (physical, chemical and biological adversities, illumination and microclimate).

The authorized health institutions, Safety at work association of Montenegronon-governmental organizations and insurance companies should also be mentioned.

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