Practical guidelines for the information and training of workers involved with asbestos removal or maintenance work

Latest update: 07/06/2015

The guidelines presented in the document are based on the evaluation of the existing regulations in selected EU Member States and Turkey. The target groups are employees and employers of companies focusing on the removal of asbestos products as well as other businesses coming into random contact with (building) materials containing asbestos.

The objective with these guidelines is to raise awareness among employees and employers and to motivate them to take preventive actions to protect themselves and the environment from the risk posed by asbestos fibres.

The publication starts with the fundamentals, it covers health risks related to asbestos and specifies the requirements and the appropiate measures when handling asbestos. It also addresses work activities with sporadic and low-intensity exposure, do-it-yourself workers and addresses waste disposal issues. The focus is on the EU Directives and not the national laws and regulations of the different Member States. The publication also offers a list of seven best practices.
The guidelines can be used for training and informing of employees.

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