Denne side indeholder en kalender over begivenheder relateret til arbejdsmiljø i og uden for Europa. Listen omfatter de vigtigste arrangementer vedrørende arbejdsmiljø tilrettelagt af EU-OSHA, dets interessenter og partnere samt andre relevante organisationer.

Ikke alle kan deltage i vores arrangementer, så her finder du også links til præsentationer og resuméer af de vigtigste punkter, som blev drøftet ved arrangementerne.


May 2024

Dresden, Germany

Cultural diversity at work – Safe and Healthy Integration of Skilled Workers

What does safe and healthy collaboration look like in a culturally diverse workplace? How does one convey aspects of occupational safety and health in an international team, in which a variety of views, values and attitudes towards safety can prevail? How does one reach and engage employees - or...

Rovereto (Trento), Italy

Sicurezza 5.0 - Nuovi scenari per un mondo del lavoro che cambia

Nell'ambito del progetto Salute e sicurezza sui luoghi di lavoro: “questione di” cultura , sviluppato in collaborazione con il Dipartimento sviluppo economico lavoro e ricerca della Provincia di Trento, TSM - Trentino school of management è stato organizzato il seminario Sicurezza 5.0: nuovi scenari...

Madrid + Online, Spain

Hybrid film screening and debate: work, automation and humanity

A film screening and debate focused on the themes of work, automation and humanity targeted at the research community, students from the Spanish School of Occupational Medicine and anyone interested, is taking place in Madrid and online. The agenda includes the film ‘ Automatic Fitness ’, winner of...

June 2024

Innsbruck, Austria

Exploring the future of work with a film screening and a debate in Innsbruck

The importance of safe and healthy workplaces in the digital age will be highlighted at an upcoming event hosted by our national focal point Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Wirtschaft in collaboration with the Austrian Chamber of Labour. The evening will feature a screening of the Belgian...

Zagreb, Croatia

Be fit for digital age

The European Forum is an independent organization in the field of social security in Europe aimed at the promotion of health protection at work and exchange of information and experiences among member organizations. The next European Forum Conference, under the Croatian presidency, will be focused...