Latest update: 10/02/2022

European framework agreement on the protection of occupational health and safety in the hairdressing sector

Framework agreement between the EU social partners of the hairdressing sector signed in 2016.

The trade union UNI Europa Hair & Beauty and the representative of hairdressing employers, Coiffure EU have reached an agreement with the aim to foster an integrated approach for the prevention of risks and protection of safety and health at work in the hairdressing sector. The parties intend to eliminate or reduce risks by applying the principle of risk assessment, risk management and the hierarchy of prevention measures. The agreement applies to employers, workers and also self-employed hairdressers.

Primary objectives of the agreement are:

  • skin protection (e.g. reduction and elimination of wet-work and dangerous chemicals, use of gloves)
  • the prevention of allergies (e.g. restricting dust formation, sensitising substances, hand tools containing soluble nickel)
  • the prevention of musculo-skeletal disorders (e.g. ergonomic design of workbenches and trolleys, adjustable chairs and stools, comfortable hand tools, diminishing of repetitive tasks)
  • the organisation of work and the working environment (e.g. working hours, work spaces, lighting, facilities, non-slip floor covering, general and exhaust ventilation, personal hygiene)
  • maternity protection (e.g. adapting tasks, consultation with physician)
  • mental health and wellbeing (e.g. management, roles and responsibilities)

Part II of the agreement gives a detailed description on recommended individual and collective protective measures applicable to the sector.

The parties asked the European Commission to implement the agreement at EU level.

The social partners have signed the agreement in June 2016. In December 2021 Non-binding guidelines for the hairdressing sector have been published as part of jointly agreed activities to support the autonomous implementation of the framework agreement.

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