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Composition of the Bureau of the Governing Board

Members of EU-OSHA Bureau and declaration of interests.
The Bureau works as a steering group, overseeing the Agency's operational performance, and meets four times a year. It is made up of eleven members from the Governing Board.

Agenda and Minutes from the latest Bureau meetings




Mr Francisco Jesús ALVAREZ HIDALGO (EU Commission Rep.), Viċi-President
Ms Gertrud BREINDL (Rappreżentant tal-gvern), President
Mr Renārs LŪSIS (Rappreżentant tal-gvern), Coordinator, Bureau
Ms Christa SCHWENG (Rappreżentant tal-impjegaturi), Viċi-President
Ms Jessie FERNANDES (Rappreżentant tal-impjegaturi, BUSINESSEUROPE), Coordinator, Bureau
Mr Károly GYÖRGY (Rappreżentant tal-ħaddiema), Viċi-President
Ms Esther LYNCH (Rappreżentant tal-ħaddiema, KETU), Coordinator, Bureau
Mr Stefan OLSSON (EU Commission Rep.)
Ms Charlotte SKJOLDAGER (Rappreżentant tal-gvern)
Mr Kris DE MEESTER (Rappreżentant tal-impjegaturi)
Mr Andreas STOIMENIDIS (Rappreżentant tal-ħaddiema)


Ms Charlotte GREVFORS ERNOULT (EU Commission Rep.)
Ms Danuta KORADECKA (Rappreżentant tal-gvern)
Mr Rob TRIEMSTRA (Rappreżentant tal-gvern)
Mr Yogindra SAMANT (Rappreżentant tal-gvern)
Mr Eckhard METZE (Rappreżentant tal-impjegaturi)
Mr Francois ENGELS (Rappreżentant tal-impjegaturi)
Mr Georgi STOEV (Rappreżentant tal-impjegaturi)
Ms Paula ILVESKIVI (Rappreżentant tal-ħaddiema)
Ms Sonja KÖNIG (Rappreżentant tal-ħaddiema)
Mr Viktor KEMPA (Rappreżentant tal-ħaddiema)