Instrumente practice și orientări privind substanțele periculoase

A number of tools and guidance documents have been developed by Member States, European institutions, business associations, social partners and other actors to help enterprises to carry out comprehensive and effective risk assessments. These tools represent a broad variety of approaches to managing dangerous substance effectively. Often they cover specific work operations, such as filling and pumping liquids or welding processes. Other sources give a comprehensive overview of a certain group of substances, such as sensitisers, or they highlight typical risks in certain sectors.

Moreover, in addition to supporting high-quality risk assessment, most of these tools include good practical solutions, explaining how to reduce risks in common work situations involving exposure to dangerous substances. There are also tools to support specific actors, such as labour inspectors, small and medium-sized enterprises, and workers’ representatives, among many others. So it’s well worth exploring the site to find out about the help that is on offer.