Auf dieser Seite finden Sie einen Kalender mit Veranstaltungen zum Thema Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit innerhalb und außerhalb Europas. Die Liste enthält wichtige Veranstaltungen zum Thema Sicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz bei der Arbeit, die von der EU-OSHA, ihren Interessengruppen und Partnern sowie anderen einschlägigen Organisationen organisiert werden.

Da nicht jeder an unseren Veranstaltungen teilnehmen kann, finden Sie hier auch Links zu Präsentationen und Zusammenfassungen der Schwerpunktthemen einiger Veranstaltungen.


June 2024

Tirana, Albania

EU OSH practices

On 18 June 2024, EU-OSHA will participate at the workshop on "EU OSH policies" co-organised by EU-OSHA and SLISS (Senior Labour Inspectorate and Social Services) of Albania, FOP. The workshop has the aim to raise awareness on the EU and EUMS OSH practices; as well as on the importance of social...

Brocēni, Latvia

Visit to the ‘Golden Helmet’ Good Practice Award winner in Latvia

In Latvia, the annual ‘Golden Helmet’ good practice award contest in occupational safety and health (OSH) is taking place soon. This initiative organised by our focal point Valsts darba inspekcija celebrates excellence in workplace safety. The winner of the 2023 edition was SIA ‘Schwenk Latvija’...

Zagreb, Croatia

Addressing climate change challenges in Croatian workplaces

As climate change affects the entire world, workplaces are not an exception. Like many other countries, Croatia is facing challenges to occupational safety and health (OSH) in this regard, especially related to increasing temperatures and heat at work. To tackle these issues and pave the way for...

Nicosia, Cyprus

Exploring the intersection between OSH and climate change in Nicosia

Amidst the numerous challenges posed by climate change, safeguarding occupational safety and health at work (OSH) is a pressing priority. In this context, the implementation of proactive measures and strategies to mitigate risks and ensure workplace resilience is essential. The Department of Labour...

Aveiro, Portugal

Seminar "The Implication of Climate Change on Workers' Safety and Health"

This Seminar is the opportunity to meet and talk to professionals, students and teachers from all over the country and other countries! Experts with different types of experiences come together to share, learn, explore, dream and grow, both professionally and personally. Participate! All information...