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Conference on right to disconnect and teleworking

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HYBRID event
European Commission and European Parliament Joint Event


The European Commission and the European Parliament are co-hosting a conference on the right to disconnect and telework on 15 March 2022.

This event is part of the series of follow-up actions of the European Commission in response to the European Parliament’s Resolution on the right to disconnect.

The aim of this future-oriented conference is to provide a forum to present the perspectives of EU institutions, Member States, social partners and relevant stakeholders. The event will look into the trends and evolution of telework and the right to disconnect, their related opportunities and challenges as well as the various policy responses.

EU-OSHA to deliver an introductory presentation before the session “Challenges and opportunities of telework and the right to disconnect”.

This session will deliver two small conversations on, among others, working time, working conditions and health and safety from the perspective of various stakeholders, academia and European Parliament.

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