Cette page présente un calendrier des événements concernant la sécurité et la santé sur le lieu de travail (SST) en Europe et au-delà. Cette liste inclut les principaux événements de SST organisés par l’EU-OSHA, ses parties prenantes et ses partenaires, ainsi que d’autres organisations pertinentes.

Tout le monde ne peut pas assister à nos manifestations. Vous trouverez donc ici des liens vers des présentations et des résumés des principaux points abordés lors de certains événements.

La propagation du coronavirus entraîne l'annulation ou le report de nombreux événements à travers l'Europe. Si nous apprenons qu’un événement prévu par l’Agence est concerné, nous l'indiquerons dans le calendrier des événements.


February 2023

Seville, Spain

Mental health in the digital world of work

This seminar aims to make a thematic contribution to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) campaign, "Safe and healthy work in the digital age" which will be launched in 2023 and will run for three years until autumn 2025. The purpose of the campaign will be to raise awareness...

Brussels, Belgium

Addressing the Needs of Young Cancer Survivors

Commission invites stakeholders and EU representatives to join conference on young cancer survivors on 7 February The European Commission announces that the “Addressing the Needs of Young Cancer Survivors” conference will take place on 7 February in Brussels and online. As part of the EU Mission on...

London, United Kingdom

Roundtable: A collective and coordinated OSH emergency preparedness and response to support Global OSH Challenges

The roundtable discussion is organised against the pressing background of the war in Ukraine, which continues to result in significant challenges and serious threats to the health and safety of the Ukrainian people as they try to rebuild critical infrastructure in their workplaces. Many workers will...

March 2023

Mumbai, India

The 29th International symposium on epidemiology in occupational health

From 14 to 17th March 2023, the Scientific Committee on Epidemiology in Occupational Health (EPICOH) will held its 29th conference in Mumbai, India, hosted by the Indian Association of Occupational Health, with the theme “Occupational Health Epidemiology: Need for Concerted Action” This will be an...

April 2023

Bilbao, Spain

ORP Congress 2023 - At work: One life, one planet

The 23rd International ORP Congress to be held in Bilbao, is without a doubt a superb venue to share ideas about occupational safety and health (OSH), healthy companies, work organization, the demands and constraints of labor requisites and business culture. It is also an opportunity to work...