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Safety and health at work in Hungary falls within the remit of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. The Hungarian Labour Inspectorate under the control of the Ministry monitors compliance with occupational safety and health and employment legislation.

The Hungarian Labour Inspectorate actively contributes to the preparation and elaboration of regulations regarding health and safety at work. In addition, it is the national focal point of the European Agency for Safety at Health at Work and in this capacity cooperates with the social partners.

The headquarters of the Hungarian Labour Inspectorate are located in Budapest and it is supported by seven regional labour inspectorates. Besides controlling, the labour inspectorates also deal with wide range of advisory activities. A separate organisation (Hungarian Mining and Geological Office) controls the safety of workplaces related to mining.

Focal points' contact details

Ministry of Finance, Department of Occupational Safety and Health
József nádor tér 2-4
1369 Budapest
Contact person:
Katalin BALOGH
Tel: +36 18963015
E-mail address: katalin [dot] balogh [at] pm [dot] gov [dot] hu