North Macedonia

The field of Security and Health at work in North Macedonia is within the competence of the State Inspectorate for Labor, which is an integral body of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

As an integral body of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, through its own inspectors, the State Inspectorate for Labor carries out an inspectoral supervision over the enforcement of the Law for working relations, the Law for Security and Health at work, the Law for Inspection and Labor, the Law for public servants, the law for employment and insurance in case of unemployment, the Law for temporary employment agencies, the Law for the employment of the disabled people, the law for the employment of the foreigners, the Law for voluntarism, the Laws in the field of education, the Law for trade, the Law for protection from smoking, collective bargaining, employment agreement, bylaws in the field of security and health at work and other regulations (see here)

The field of Security and Health at work is a multidisciplinary field which consists of a large number of regulations referring to specific work and processes of labor. As a sum of measures, norms and standards provided for creating safety conditions for working in North Macedonia, the field of Security and Health at work is a constitutional category. The Security and Health with our legislation is formed as an integral part of the organization of work and the working process and as a result of this, every worker is ensured, which is in accordance with the constitutional principle of law of every employee for protection at work. This complex term “Security and Health at work” does not mean only protection of the employee from physical hurts or professional sickness, but it also means protection of his psychological (moral) personality, representing a complex issue that is becoming more and more relevant.

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