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OSHwiki is a collaborative online encyclopaedia of accurate and reliable information on occupational safety and health (OSH).

Anyone can access OSHwiki and consult, follow and share articles and accredited authors can contribute quickly and easily to this continuously developing body of knowledge. We hope OSHwiki will also foster a participatory culture, providing an ideal way for the OSH community to network and form collaborations and synergies.

Who contributes to OSHwiki and how?

Accredited authors can edit, add to or translate existing content, which covers the following key categories:

Alternatively, accredited authors can add new content on topics that interest them personally.

Join the OSHwiki community

If you belong to a recognised OSH professional or scientific organisation and would like to join our network of accredited authors, please complete this form and send it to info@oshwiki.eu.

OSHwiki Scientific Committee

The seed content of OSHwiki was created by the main OSH institutes throughout Europe. Representatives of some of these institutes make up the OSHwiki Scientific Committee, which provides guidance to EU-OSHA on strategic issues and explores further the potential for social connection and participation via OSHwiki.  
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