Award Winner 2019

2019 Healthy Workplaces Film Award winner

Bird Island | SwitzerlandMaya Kosa, Sergio Da Costa

The jury was captivated by the analogy between an injured birds’ recovery and the main protagonist’s rehabilitation. It tells a beautiful story of care and healing with minimalist yet precise use of cinematic language. 

"After a long illness and isolation Antonin takes up work in a bird sanctuary. He is still fighting with fatigue, a consequence of his illness. ... In this small cosmos, Antonin gets as much protection as the patients. Some of the wild birds are delivered with serious injuries, some are in shock. They need the absolute dedication of the veterinarian and the nurse – and get it. None of them are unfazed by the loud roaring of the nearby airport. ...The warm-hearted story of this wondrous place gently evolves into a fable about rescuing animals – and humans – in need."  Annina Wettstein via Dok Leipzig website

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