In Belgium, safety, health and well-being at work fall within the competence of the Minister for Employment and its Federal Public Service Employment, Work and Social Dialogue.

The labour inspection "Supervision of Well-being at Work" controls the compliance with occupational safety, health and well-being standards. The Directorate-General for Humanisation of Labour is responsible for regulatory affairs and takes care of the dialogue with social partners and the promotion of the well-being at work.

The Belgian focal point coordinates and manages the national occupational safety and health network. In Belgium, the main actors are grouped in the Belgian Safe Work Information Center

(BeSWIC). The Belgian knowledge centre on occupational well-being BeSWIC gathers information on safety, health and well-being at work on the Belgian web site of the European Agency for Safety and health at Work.

Focal points' contact details

  • SPF Emploi, Travail et Concertation Sociale
    Rue Ernest Blerot 1
    Contact person: Frank DEHASQUE
    E-mail address:
    focalpoint [at]