The main document underlying the field of occupational health and safety in Estonia is the Occupational Health and Safety Act adopted by the Estonian Parliament – the Riigikogu – based on which several relevant Regulations of the Government of the Republic and the Minister of Social Affairs have been developed and enacted (the Act came into force on 26 July 1999). In the occupational health and safety system of Estonia, the Ministry of Social Affairs constitutes the executive authority which regulates the entire area, whereas two of its structural units (the Working Life Development Department and the Health Care Department) are directly involved in occupational health and safety-related policy-making. The Estonian National Focal Point for EU-OSHA operates within the Ministry of Social Affairs (the Working Life Development Department). At present the Focal Point network includes 16 governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The National Focal Point acts as the Agency's representative in Estonia, functioning as an intermediate body between the Agency and the Member State in the relevant activities, as well as the coordinating body for activities at Member State level. The aim of the Focal Point website is to provide comprehensive information on both national and EU levels about occupational health and safety, particularly about good practices and European campaigns. The National Focal Point can be contacted at the following email addresses: and

The Working Environment Council operates within the governance of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Council is a tripartite advisory body comprising 15 members and its main task is to make suggestions and express opinions on the development and implementation of the working environment policy. Following the discontinuance of the Occupational Health Centre in 2004, the Centre's executive role in the area of occupational health was assumed by the Health Care Board (the Working Environment Department). State supervision regarding compliance with occupational health and safety requirements is handled by the Labour Inspectorate which, in terms of its structure and geographical scope of operation, is divided into Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern Inspectorates.

Focal points' contact details

  • Labour Inspectorate of Estonia (Tööinspektsioon)
    Mäealuse 2/3
    Contact person: Kristel PLANGI
    +372 (ESTONIA) 5623 0234
    E-mail address: