The Swedish government and parliament have entrusted us, the Swedish Work Environment Authority, with the task of ensuring that the working environment meets the requirements set out in occupational health and safety legislation, so that everyone can work in a good and constantly improving setting. The Swedish Work Environment Act is a framework act. More detailed provisions are to be found in the regulations we issue. We also act as the Swedish Focal Point of the European Agency for Safety and Health and Work and coordinate representatives of government, employers and employees in a network of partners.

We represent the Swedish government on the Advisory Committee on Safety and Health at Work (ACSH). This is a tripartite committee which assists the European Commission by preparing, implementing and evaluating all occupational health and safety activities.

We are also represented on the Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee (SLIC), which advises the European Commission and comprises senior officials from the Member States’ occupational health and safety authorities or their equivalent.

Focal points' contact details

Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise
Drottninggatan 9
803 20 Gävle
Contact person:
Tel: +46 73 065 83 34
E-mail address: anna [dot] mannikoff [at] mynak [dot] se