The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise - Mynak, is the Swedish national focal point for the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work on behalf of the Swedish Government and Parliament since 2019.

Mynak in its role as focal point coordinates representatives of government, employers and employees in order to strengthen the national and international work within the health and safety at work sector.

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise is a national knowledge center for health and safety at work, has the task of:

  • collect, compile and spread existing research-based knowledge about work and the work-environment
  • evaluate and analyze effects of implemented reforms and government initiatives.
  • help to identify and address knowledge gaps and development areas.
  • monitor and promote the development of knowledge nationally and internationally.
  • monitor and encourage the development of occupational health organizations.

Focal points' contact details

  • Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise
    Norra Slottsgatan 8
    803 20
    Contact person: Therese FLORENTIN
    E-mail address:
    Therese.Florentin [at] mynak.se