Supporting the European Pillar of Social Rights


EU-OSHA fully supports the European Pillar of Social Rights, working for safe, healthy and well-adapted workplaces in Europe.

The EU Pillar, which was proclaimed jointly by the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission on 17 November 2017, fosters a high level of protection of workers, regardless of their age, from occupational safety and health (OSH) risks.

This is particularly important in the context of the EU Pillar, as it aims to deliver fundamental social rights, including fair working conditions, equal opportunities and access to the labour market. As stated in one of its key 20 principles ‘Workers have the right to a working environment adapted to their professional needs and which enables them to prolong their participation in the labour market.’

Longer and healthier working lives can reduce precariousness while improving productivity. Indeed, good safety and health at work leads to numerous benefits, such as reducing sickness absence, cutting healthcare costs, keeping older workers in employment, stimulating more efficient working methods and technologies and contributing to a better work-life balance.  

Towards a European Pillar of Social Rights

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