The supervision of the implementation of the Law on Safety and Health at Work ('Official Gazette of Montenegro', no. 34/14), regulations passed based on similar and other measures on safety and health at work, is conducted by the by the Labour inspection, through the Labour inspectors for the occupational safety and health at work, if the law does not establish that the supervision of the implementation of such regulations in specific activities is performed by other authorities. The Department of Labour inspection is a constituent part of the Administration for Inspection Affairs of Montenegro. The Department is headed by the Chief Labour inspector. The officials in the Department are Labour inspectors for the labour relations and employment and Labour inspectors for the the occupational safety and health at work. In addition to the responsibilities and authorizations determined by the law, the Labour inspector for the the occupational safety and health at work is responsible and authorized, the obligation and authority to conduct the investigation of serious, collective and fatal injuries at work.

At the July of 2016, the Strategy for improvement of Safety and Health at Work of employees 2016 - 2020 was adopted together with the Implementation action plan. The social partners, in addition to the Government of Montenegro, are the representative of employees – the Trade Union of employees of Montenegro and the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro and the representative of employers – Montenegrin Union of employers. A significant role within the safety at health work system has been delegated to the Health Insurance Fund, the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of Montenegro, authorized medical institutions for health care of employees and other health care facilities are required to, in connection with the submission of data on occupational injuries, occupational and work related diseases and disabled employees, cooperate with the state authority in charge of labour and provide the information at the request and on monthly basis, and for each calendar year no later than 28th February next year. Safety and health at work system in Montenegro also includes Authorized organizations for safety and health at work tasks, those being legal or natural personal persons qualified in terms of human resources, organizational, technical and other conditions prescribed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare for performance of the following tasks:

  1. preparation of the risk assessment act with the proposed measures for their elimination;
  2. periodic inspection and testing of work equipment, electrical and other installations and facilities and equipment for personal safety;
  3. examination of the working conditions (chemical, physical and biological hazards, lighting and microclimate);
  4. audit (assessment) of technical documentation in terms of applicability of safety and health at work measures, technical regulations and standards, establishing provision of protection to employees in facilities for which technical documentation was developed, for the work processes to be performed by them;
  5. training and capability test for employees for safe and healthy work.

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