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Working on Saturdays and Sundays

A secondary, more severe phase of Leptospirosis

energy that can be usefully recovered from the wind through wind turbines to mechanical power generators for electricity

The evaluation of a workers physical capacity to carry out a specific job

multidimensional psychological construct which describes a positive, fulfilling, work-related, persistent, and pervasive state of mind that is characterized by vigor, dedication, and absorption

The temporary placement of a young person in a workplace normally while they are still in the education system so that they gain experience of the work environment

The impact of work motivation on workers' psychosocial well-being

organisational culture context in which an employer chooses to develop and realises the skills, talents and creative potential of its workforce, including the way tasks are distributed amongst the individuals and the ways in which these are then coordinated to achieve the final product or service

issue affecting workers' health, the health and safety aspects of their work and work environment, the organisation of work and the management philosophy of the workplace

tension experienced when the demands of the work environment exceed the workers’ ability to cope with or control them