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Particles sized between 1 and 100 nanometre in two dimensions.

Materials with dimensions less than 100 nanometres

The design and creation of objects where at least one dimension is in the scale of nanometres.

EU law in the form of Directives wich requires Member States to enact legislation that recognises the sovereignity of EU law

legislation of Member States that implement the EU Directives setting out the minimum standards for safety and health in the workplace

employment characterised by a changed relationship between employer and employee, or client and worker, by new forms of work organisation particularly for the time and place of work, or the use of modern information and communication technologies or a combination of both

New technologies and their impact on workers

hostile work environment in which an employee is harassed on the basis of racist or negative comments, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, offensive gestures, drawings or clothing

The notification of diseases to the relevant authorities