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protection of information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person that is processed wholly or partly by automated means or other than by automated means if the information forms or is intended to form part of a filing system

Productive work with adequate income, workplace and social protection

The (in)ability of a worker to make decisions

method based on an iteration process in which the results of the previous rounds are fed back to the experts for new evaluation

population’s age structure adjusting to changes in living conditions

statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it

The taking down of structures

Location where persons receive dental treatment

A substance elaborated by a living agent and characterised by its ability to cause pathologic changes in skin.

Policies identifying and reserving occupations for workers with disabilities

personwho has grown up with digital technologies and is comfortable using them

society that makes widespread use of digital technologies, with digital networks and applications being central to the organisation of public services and the public space

task standardisation through the use of information technology that involves identifying the tools and techniques to complete tasks, so as to improve and monitor efficiency in work performance, often through automated management

form of discipline and control imposed through the use of ICT, whereby workers’ schedules are set and monitored by computer, often with an embedded continuous improvement algorithm based on the average speed at which workers should complete specific tasks