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wind energy


energy that can be usefully recovered from the wind through wind turbines to mechanical power generators for electricity

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The installation of renewable energy supply systems such as solar panels and small wind turbines combines risks arising from working at height, manual handling, electrical risks and possibly other risks such as exposure to dust or to high temperatures. More information on OSH risks and solar and wind energy can be found in the dedicated e-facts and Hazard Identification checklists

Term reference


  • Български: вятърна енергия
  • Čeština: větrná energie
  • Dansk: vindenergi
  • Deutsch: Windenergie
  • Ελληνικά: αιολική ενέργεια 
  • English: wind energy
  • Español: energía eólica
  • Eesti: tuuleenergia
  • Suomi: tuulienergia
  • Français: énergie éolienne
  • Hrvatski: energija vjetra
  • Magyar: szélenergia
  • Íslenska: vindorka
  • Italiano: energia eolica
  • Lietuvių: vėjo energija
  • Latviešu: vēja enerģija
  • Malti: enerġija mir-riħ
  • Nederlands: windenergie
  • Norsk: Vindkraft
  • Polski: energia wiatrowa
  • Português: energia eólica
  • Română: energie eoliană
  • Slovenčina: veterná energia
  • Slovenščina: vetrna energija
  • Svenska: vindenergi