Annual Report 2017 - Summary


Marking achievements and looking ahead to future goals

EU-OSHA’s Annual Report 2017 presents achievements in its flagship projects and looks ahead to future goals. Important activities in 2017 include the completion of the second edition of the European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks and the final summit in Bilbao bringing the 2016-17 Healthy Workplaces Campaign to an end, as preparations began for the 2018-19 campaign, Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances.

EU-OSHA continued to have a strong presence at national, European and international levels, organising and attending events throughout the year. The Agency collaborated on projects with a number of other EU bodies, continued to contribute to the EU Roadmap on Carcinogens and was a recipient of the European Ombudsman Award for Good Administration.

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