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Advanced robotics and artificial intelligence for the automation of tasks at work: current status and considerations for OSH


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Automation in the workplace is rising. While advances in technologies are opening up new opportunities, they also offer new challenges for the future of occupational safety and health (OSH).

As part of its 4-year research programme on digitalisation, EU-OSHA has published an initial report to address types and definitions of artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced robotics for the automation of tasks at work. The report also maps current and potential uses across sectors and tasks – from industrial and warehousing robots to AI software in the healthcare sector and gives an overview of policies and strategies at EU and national level.

For an in-depth look read the report and summary Advanced robotics, artificial intelligence and the automation of tasks: definitions, uses, policies and strategies and occupational safety and health.

A policy brief presents a taxonomy of advanced robotics and AI-based systems that can be used in workplaces, based on a task approach, to structure and assess OSH opportunities and challenges.

For an overview of the project, check out the PowerPoint presentation.

Learn more about these and upcoming deliverables in the thematic web section Digitalisation of work.