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E-tools seminar 2023: OSH E-tools in the construction sector and other outdoor work

On 4/5 October 2023, EU-OSHA’s E-tools seminar took place with the title ”Prevention in the construction and other outdoor workplaces’”.  

Five speakers were invited to introduce the topic and share examples on the use of e-tools for OSH in the construction sector and outdoor work, their pros and cons, as a start for discussion

Participants of the seminar were OSH representatives nominated by our national Focal Points, with a specific interest in the construction sector/outdoor work and in the development of the tools,  as well as representatives from ENSHPO and FIEC, Social partners and the European Commission.

For more information on the viewpoints, practices, and experiences, see the seminar online summary.

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EU-OSHA´s premises, Bilbao

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Event summary (708.25 KB)
Day 1 - Summary (260.72 KB)
Day 2 - Summary (341.69 KB)

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