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E-Tools seminar 2022 - Wearable technologies for risk assessment

Topic of this year’s e-tools networking event was the use of digital technology, especially wearables, for Risk Assessment in the context of Occupational Safety and Health. Four speakers were invited to introduce the topic and present examples used for OSH, as a start for discussion. Finally, the approaches and examples were discussed in groups. 

Presentations and discussions in the seminar were built on the following key aspects:

  • the challenges and benefits of the use of wearables in risk assessment;
  • in what circumstances are wearables most useful; what could be problematic issues in their use;
  • how to use them so that they are one of the tools, and risk assessment does not just become a measurement issue (e.g. so workers still involved e.g. In validating data); and on
  • what issues do you see related to data protection.

Viewpoints, practices, and experiences were shared in the seminar and also there were opportunities for networking for collaboration in the future.

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