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The European Commission is taking action to promote occupational safety and health in the EU.

Building on past efforts, the Commission's new initiative aims to better protect workers against work-related cancer, to help businesses, in particular SME's and micro-enterprises, in their efforts to comply with the existing legislative framework, and to put a bigger focus on results and less on paperwork.

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On 1 January 2017, Malta adopts the Presidency of the Council of the EU. This marks the beginning of the third and final term of the current Presidency trio, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Malta.
At a challenging time for the EU, the Maltese Presidency aims to foster debate with a focus on social inclusion, migration and the single market.

Planning for our 2018-19 campaign is already under way. It will focus on dangerous substances in the workplace, a topic of ongoing concern.

The objectives of the campaign are to raise awareness of dangerous substances (including carcinogens), to promote risk assessment and sharing of good practices, to target particularly vulnerable groups of workers and to showcase the legislative framework that protects workers in the EU.

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