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Older workers

The European Parliament pilot project on the health and safety of older workers delegated thorough the European Commission to EU-OSHA back in 2013 is reaching its final stages.  Project results are being presented by EU-OSHA in a conference in Brussels on 22 September, with a welcome by the MEP Ole Cristensen. OSH experts and representatives from the Commission and EU social partners have the opportunity to debate and validate the results, and provide input into the final analysis to be released  by early 2016.

Funding guide

If you are trying to identify funding sources for activities, initiatives or projects related to occupational safety and health (OSH), then look no further than the EU-OSHA funding guide.

Targeting EU-OSHA’s stakeholders, the guide provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of European funding opportunities.

Legislation at EU-OSHA's Website

National safety and health legislation in Member States is governed by European legislation. This includes legally binding EU directives, non-binding EU guidelines to facilitate the implementation of directives and EU standards.

Find out more about European and national Safety and health legislation.

Napo Electricity videos

Electricity is a familiar and essential part of everyday life, also in the workplace. But electricity can injure or kill workers, and cause damage if it is not handled properly. There are simple precautions that can be taken to significantly reduce the risk of injury when working with or near electricity. “Napo in… Shocking situations” describes common electrical hazards and risks, and provides some preventive and safety tips.

OSHwiki connecting community

OSHwiki is an ideal way to share specialised knowledge and collaborate online within the occupational safety and health (OSH) community.

OSHwiki articles are written by accredited OSH professionals and academics, but anyone can access OSHwiki free of charge to read a large variety of informative articles. Moreover the platform supports all languages, and some articles have already been written and translated by the OSHwiki community into languages other than English.