Artificial intelligence, advanced robotics and the automation of tasks at work: taxonomy, policies and strategies in Europe


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic systems are constantly changing the workplace. There is a growing debate on how they affect occupational health and safety (OSH).

AI-based systems and advanced robotics that are used for the automation of tasks present both opportunities and challenges for OSH, while they also create entirely new risks and benefits.

It is important to develop definitions and a common understanding of AI-based systems and advanced robotics, commonly accepted by all stakeholders. 

This policy brief presents a taxonomy for workplace applications and OSH based on a task approach. It functions as a basis for future efforts to structure and assess OSH opportunities and challenges related to AI-based systems and advanced robotics and the automation of tasks. 

The policy brief also provides an overview of policies and strategies concerning the automation of tasks by AI-based systems and advanced robotics. 

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