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Napo is the main supporter of safety and health as a fundamental right – read the signs!



As we prepare for World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April, a remastered version of the first film in the Napo series is now released.

Napo in…best signs story – originally published in 1998 - provides a basic introduction to workplace safety signs and symbols. It’s a useful guide for new employees or a valuable refresher for more experienced workers.

Why is it important to identify the meaning of the signs through their form and colour? Which technical and organisational obstacles can prevent their efficiency? What can happen if they are not respected?

Get ready to react correctly to danger, prohibition, obligation, emergency or fire in the workplace! A safe and healthy working environment is a fundamental principle and right, and Napo is here to help ensure that it's a reality for every worker.

Watch the film Napo in…best signs story - remastered (2023)

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