World Day for Safety and Health at Work in 2020 urges response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Source: ILO

“Stop the pandemic: safety and health at work can save lives” is the slogan of the 2020 World OSH Day, coordinated every 28 April by the International Labour Organization (ILO). More than ever, raising awareness on the adoption of safe practices in workplaces and the important role that occupational safety and health (OSH) services play must be the focus of this International Day.

Tripartism, the cornerstone of EU-OSHA’s work, and the European social model is key to effective OSH management to protect workers during the ongoing crisis and in the long-term, including recovery and future preparedness.

While everyone is affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis, workers are on the front line. This is why ‘Stop the pandemic at work’ is the slogan of International Workers’ Memorial Day in 2020, celebrated also on 28 April in support of all workers and in remembrance of those deceased, disabled, injured or made unwell by their work.

EU-OSHA has been active collecting and producing relevant information for workplaces since the beginning of the pandemic. 

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