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World Cancer Day 2023: an opportunity to focus on work-related cancer



World Cancer Day, observed every year on 4 February, invited us to be aware and take action for a world less burdened by cancer. EU-OSHA is seriously committed to joining the fight against cancer, the first cause of work-related deaths in the EU.

As part of that endeavour, the fieldwork of EU-OSHA’s Workers’ exposure survey to identify cancer risk factors at work is being finalised this month and first results are to be announced later in the year. The survey seeks to provide information to improve protection against dangerous substances and could contribute to updating EU legislation.

Check out the EU-OSHA infosheet on carcinogens at work and the multilingual factsheets on carcinogenic substances and processes, published under the Roadmap on Carcinogens, an initiative EU-OSHA is actively supporting.

Watch the recent Napo film ‘Hidden killers’ to raise awareness about the risks of process-generated carcinogens and how to prevent them.

Find out about World Cancer Day and all campaign activities to close the gap in cancer care.