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OiRA website revamped to foster seamless risk assessment



Did you notice? Our Online interactive Risk Assessment website has undergone a digital makeover, and it is not just about a modern redesign.

With 350 000+ risk assessments carried out and 341 OiRA tools in use by end November, we are upgrading the OiRA website to pave the way for better safety and health risk management in the workplace. Our aim is to improve it as a user-friendly hub offering access to free risk assessment solutions from the expanding OiRA community in Europe.

Whether you are in search of a national sectoral tool, an OiRA partner in your country, or need details on occupational safety and health legislation, the updated website will promptly guide you.

The revised structure offers specific insights for businesses, EU partners, and stakeholders right at the start of their browsing experience, allowing quick and straightforward access to the information they seek.

It is time to rediscover OiRA at oira.osha.europa.eu and stay tuned for a more streamlined risk assessment journey!