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Let’s fight exposure to carcinogens at work with Napo!


A high proportion of EU workers are potentially exposed to ‘process-generated carcinogens’, in particular exhaust fumes such as diesel engine emissions, silica dust, hardwood dust, and welding fumes. And many times they are unaware.

In a new video clip, Napo and his colleagues illustrate typical occupations where exposure to these carcinogens is high. Working as builders, mechanics or woodworkers, together with their boss, they look for prevention alternatives to operate in safe and healthy conditions.  

Beating cancer is a priority within the EU Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work 2021-2027. Let’s raise awareness about work-related cancer and how to prevent it with Napo!

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Join the Roadmap on Carcinogens initiative to reduce exposure to carcinogens across European workplaces!

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