Laugh and learn with Napo to stay safe and healthy at work

source: napofilm.net

Every time, he delivers the same: puts a wide smile on your face and gives you safety tips that stick in your mind. Whatever their age, Napo has an important lesson for anyone who enters his animated world of work, faced with safety issues.

A captivating laugh-and-learn approach, wordless language and cultural neutrality is what makes the Napo series of films a universal and powerful resource that can be used by businesses and vocational schools to raise awareness of various aspects of occupational safety and health (OSH). The section Napo in the workplace with the series of activities "Understanding MSDs with Napo" can guide discussion about the main muskuloeskeltal risk factors and proposed solutions with the support of Napo scenes on the topic.

Napo even goes into primary schools with sets of tailored lessons to help teachers introduce OSH in a unique and imaginative way to the workers of the future.

Haven’t met Napo yet? Discover all his films. They can be of great help to generate a creative discussion at your workplace on OSH topics of concern.

You can even raise awareness of the work challenges posed by COVID-19 with the help of Napo. Watch and share: Napo in… Stop the pandemic and Napo is… teleworking to stop the pandemic