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Digital platform work: new papers explore workforce diversity and implications for OSH, and initiatives to prevent and manage risks


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Digital labour platforms have transformed the world of work and brought new challenges which need to be tackled head-on. While the over 500 platforms currently active in the EU create employment opportunities, their workers experience risks such as work intensification, limited application of OSH regulations and job insecurity. At the same time, working for a digital labour platform can be an opportunity for some groups of workers such as disabled workers or migrants to enter or re-enter the labour market.

Two new discussion papers, part of our OSH research project on digitalisation, offer insight on:

Preventing and managing health and safety risks in digital platform work, with examples of practices and tools implemented by digital platforms for promoting safe working conditions; and

Workforce diversity and digital labour platforms: implications for occupational safety and health, discussing how digital platform work can be a stepping-stone towards employment for specific groups of workers.

Digital platform work is one of our forthcoming ‘Safe and healthy work in the digital age’ 2023-25 campaign‘s priority areas.

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