European opinion polls on safety and health at work

European opinion polls on safety and health at work

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In our polls, we primarily focus on the opinions of workers. We are able to gain credible, Europe-wide data on public opinion of occupational safety and health (OSH).

Taking part in the polls gets people thinking, helping to raise awareness of OSH issues. The results highlight the importance of good OSH and its role in public health and successful bussiness. By conducting polls throughout Europe, the opinions on OSH of a wide variety of people are considered. The results help us to understand the differences between the views of people of different ages, genders, education levels, sectors, company sizes, etc.

Polls can also be helpful for spotting new and emerging risks to be researched. Ideally future polls will help explore key topics and support future Healthy Workplaces Campaigns.


Polls are conducted to:

  • Support the annual management plans of EU-OSHA
  • Provide valuable insight into the views of workers
  • Raise awareness of OSH throughout Europe and that of the link between OSH and health
  • Encourage debate on OSH
  • Provide useful national data to focal points and strengthen collaborations
  • Increase the profile of OSH in the media

The results of our opinion polls can stimulate debate and discussion in the workplace, as well as inform policy-makers at national and EU levels.

Previous polls

Several opinion polls have been conducted to date in support of the OSH goals of the European Union including:

  • Increasing workers’ awareness and knowledge of OSH
  • Providing information on how to adapt to the ageing population of workers
  • Promoting the prevention of risks, both in the workplace and beyond
  • Increasing the recognition of work-related stress as an organisational issue

See the results of our previous polls:

Other relevant European sources

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