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Napo’s latest film tackles a burning issue



A new Napo film turns the spotlight on the risk of fire and explosion in the workplace, and the measures which can be taken to reduce the risks. 

For a fire to start or an explosion to occur, three elements are required: a flammable substance (fuel), air (oxygen), and a source of ignition (heat). And a fundamental issue in managing the risk is the need for a robust risk assessment

Join Napo, the Boss and colleagues on another humour-filled journey as they guide us through the basic rules for protection against fire and explosion and learn how to deal with risky situations and which preventive measures to apply. 

Does Napo know what to do in each scenario? Do he and his colleagues react in the right way? Is his organisation prepared against the risk of fire an explosion?

Watch and share the new film Napo in…fire alert to discover the answers and help us promote safety with a smile.