OSH Pulse - Occupational safety and health in post-pandemic workplaces

The ‘Flash Eurobarometer – OSH Pulse survey’, commissioned by EU-OSHA, offers valuable insights into a range of impacts the COVID-19 pandemic has had on workers’ health and wellbeing and related workplace measures, also in combination with the increasing use of digital technologies in the workplace.

In Spring 2022, a representative sample of over 27,000 employed workers was interviewed on the phone across all EU Member States, plus Iceland and Norway.

The survey focuses on the mental and physical health stressors workers are confronted with and the occupational safety and health (OSH) measures implemented in their workplace. More specifically, the survey addresses the following areas:

  • Psychosocial risk factors, stress and mental health
  • Health outcomes
  • OSH preventive measures with a focus on mental health
  • Opinions and experience of OSH in the workplace
  • Digitalisation and use of digital technologies

The findings are presented in an overview report and summary, while 29 country factsheets offer a glimpse into the national results and an infographic gives a quick overview on the main findings.

The survey results support EU-OSHA’s activities on Digitalisation of workPsychosocial risks and stress at work, and Improving compliance with OSH regulations. In-depth analysis of specific topics will yield further interesting findings.

The OSH Pulse dataset and the relevant technical documents can be downloaded here.