EUOSHA/2021/OP/F/SE/0152 - Overview of research and practices in relation to new monitoring systems for improving worker safety and health

This call for tender invites tenderers to carry out an overview of existing research, workplace material (codes of practices, guidelines etc.) as well as practices in relation to new monitoring systems for workers’ safety and health and to assess their implications for OSH. The technologies and systems covered in the scope of this project include but are not limited to smart PPEs, wearables, monitoring systems (either static of mobile) that incorporate cameras and sensors (including e.g. drones), web-based systems, monitoring software suits that are used for OSH monitoring, smartphone apps, smart glasses, and all kind of ICT-based applications and e-tools that can be used by employers for the purpose of monitoring Health and Safety.

This project will examine opportunities as well as the challenges for prevention, policy and practice. It will also describe good practices, use cases and identify gaps and needs for research, policy and practice.

The documents are available for unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge at