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Telework in a global pandemic: overview of risks and prevention policies in Europe

As a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis, millions of workers across Europe and beyond have been required to stay home and work from there, and there are expectation that this practice will stay in place still for a while as a mean to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and even beyond the current crisis. This brings about important implications for work organisation, job quality, work-life balance and OSH for a large proportion of the EU workforce.

The main goal of this seminar was therefore to present and discuss some key findings of research in the area of telework undertaken by EU-OSHA with the support of external experts and by the EC Joint Research Centre and Eurofound. The aim of the research undertaken by EU-OSHA was to investigate the issues associated with telework and its relation to psychosocial risks and ergonomic risks, and identifying the relevant prevention policies all over Europe.

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