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OiRA tools look after HORECA workers

OiRA design of the tool for HORECA workers


Hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA) sector workers are exposed to a wide range of challenges. These include ergonomic hazards, due to standing for long periods of time, psychosocial risks, as a result of dealing with difficult clients, and thermal hazards, due to handling hot objects.

Being aware of these risks and understanding how to manage them is key to promoting workers’ well-being in the industry, dominated in the EU by small and medium-sized enterprises. 26 different Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools are available to assist companies in the HORECA sector to assess these challenges and successfully tackle them. 

The tools cover a broad variety of activities, including fast food provision, catering, small guest houses and many more. They are tailored for the national level and available in a variety of languages. One tool has been developed at EU level, but the EU sectoral social dialogue partners and covers hotels, restaurants and cafés in general.

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