Spain: Substituting hazardous chemicals and ensuring safe, healthy and sustainable working conditions in the hairdressing sector

Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards 2018-2019
Awarded organisation 

Workers in the hairdressing and beauty sector are often exposed to dangerous substances in, for instance, hair dyes, bleaches and shampoos.

Peluquería Elvira, a small hairdressing business in Spain, has replaced products containing harmful chemicals with plant-based products and introduced a separate mixing place for hazardous mixtures, and better ventilation, as well as a training scheme, leading to dramatic reductions in skin, eye and throat irritation, fatigue and headaches among workers. These measures are part of a holistic approach that also encompasses ergonomics and working time arrangements.

The management is fully committed to improving the working environment in the salon with the active participation of employees, and shares its good practice with other businesses.

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