Occupational Safety and Health in digital platform work: lessons from regulations, policies, actions and initiatives


The prevalence and activities of online platforms used to match labour demand and supply have rapidly increased in the EU in the last 10 years. Responses to this emerging digital platform economy were initially limited and mostly delivered on the part of businesses, workers and their representative organisations as well as local and regional policymakers. The phenomenon has since gained increased attention at EU and Member State levels, with more emphasis now also given to working conditions and occupational safety and health (OSH) of digital platform workers.

This policy brief highlights key findings and takeaways from an in-depth study of OSH-related regulations, policies, strategies, initiatives, actions and programmes. It builds on four case studies, review of the literature, and consultation with EU-OSHA’s national focal points.

The OSH challenges of and responses to digital platform work are explored as are developments in Spain, Italy and France. Four key takeaways for policymakers and decision-makers present considerations moving forward and tangible recommendations for improving on OSH issues in digital platform work.

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