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World Arthritis Day 2023: understanding, awareness, and support for people with RMDs at work


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Observed annually on 12 October, World Arthritis Day (WAD) spreads awareness of the existence and impact of rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders (RMDs).

60% of prolonged sickness absence and work disability in Europe are due to RMDs, making them one of the most common chronic health conditions. 

But, with the right employer, attitudes, and workplace adjustments, people with chronic conditions can continue working.

EU-OSHA joins WAD 2023 campaign lead by the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology, EULAR, focused on highlighting the lifetime journey of people with RMDs.

Ensuring that workplaces are safe and designed to promote musculoskeletal health is the first step towards preventing RMDs at work. 

Workers need to feel that they can trust their employer, and will be listened to and supported. They need to be encouraged and enabled to disclose health problems as soon as they arise and there needs to be a culture of open conversation.

Explore our report with good practice advice and an infosheet on working with chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

Read and share a brochure of EULAR highlighting how people with RMDs can be supported throughout their careers.

Join EULAR’s campaign Living with an RMD at all stages of life