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Discover OiRA facts in 2023: 27 new tools and more than 86 000 risk assessments



OiRA, the Online interactive Risk Assessment project has 354 tools online in various EU languages, 27 of which have been published in 2023.

OiRA is a well-known risk assessment tool across EU businesses with more than 367 000 risk assessments (more than 86 000 made in 2023) and more than 217 000 registered users (almost 50 000 new users in 2023).

Three new OiRA tools were published at European level last year to help manage work-related risks, the generic one and two others regarding third party violence and teleworking.

In addition, more than new 50 OiRA tools are under development, thanks to our national partners, covering sectors such as cleaning, construction, pharmacies and wineries. 

Besides, OiRA website has been recently revamped to pave the way for better safety and health risk management in the workplace. 

Discover all the tools available in your country or sector and check the latest OiRA facts and figures.