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Exploring the intersection between OSH and climate change in Nicosia

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Department of Labour Inspection, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance


Amidst the numerous challenges posed by climate change, safeguarding occupational safety and health at work (OSH) is a pressing priority. In this context, the implementation of proactive measures and strategies to mitigate risks and ensure workplace resilience is essential.

The Department of Labour Inspection, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, EU-OSHA's focal point in Cyprus, in collaboration with the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber and the OSH Ambassador of Enterprise Europe Network Cyprus, is hosting a seminar focusing on the intersection of OSH and climate change.

One of the main topics that will be discussed is the impact of climate change on workers' health. The seminar will explore how high temperatures and thermal stress affect their safety and health, emphasising the need for proactive measures and adaptive strategies.

Additionally, the activity will cover the existing legal framework in Cyprus and codes of practice related to OSH and climate change. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the regulatory landscape, including relevant laws and guidelines that aim to protect workers in the face of evolving environmental challenges.

Participants will also be exposed to current research projects on the topic, as well as good practice examples and a Q&A session.