Latest update: 19/03/2021

European technical guidelines for the prevention, control and investigation of infections caused by Legionella species

The guidelines outline a standard approach to control and prevention of Legionnaires' disease across Europe. The principles for investigation and control can also be applied to the prevention of Legionella infections in non-travel-associated situations.


  1. Procedures for the risk assessment, environmental investigation and the control and prevention of Legionella in water systems
  2. Methods for the investigation and control of an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in a hotel, other accomodation sites and other public buildings
  3. Technical guidelines for the control and prevention of Legionella in water systems (includes detailed information on type of risk system and their design and contruction, operation, maintenance, treatment, cleaning and disinfection, biocides and the protection of associated personnel)
  4. Treatment methods for different water systems (for cooling systems, hot and cold water systems and spa pools)

The document was produced by members of the European Surveillance Scheme for Travel Associated Legionnaires’ Disease and the European Working Group for Legionella Infections, last updated in 2017. The guidelines are 125 pages long.

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