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How do you run the world’s largest campaign on safety and health at work?

Tim Tregenza

How do you coordinate the world's largest occupational safety and health campaign? By getting key players together, which is what EU-OSHA did on 10-11 February 2010.

To run a campaign that has a strong safety and health message and that reaches the target audience, EU-OSHA has to put in place a flexible structure that meets the need of each State while maintaining a common theme and message. Bringing together the EU-OSHA national focal point network and other partners from more than thirty countries ensured a common understanding for the upcoming two-year campaign which will be on reducing risks in maintenance activities.

The available statistics suggest that maintenance is implicated in a considerable proportion of fatal accidents, and being a subcontracted function in industry it is one that requires the effective management of risks. 

The freezing weather in Berlin did not deter warm discussions on how the various models for media and publication relations activities could be used to convey the key occupational safety and health messages to national and European audiences. 

As in previous years, one of the tools that will be used to disseminate ‘real-life’ practical solutions is an EU-wide competition for Good Practice Awards: To get involved, please read our call for nominations, and stay tuned for the official launch of the campaign and its dedicated website on 28 of April, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

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