Prevention of MSDs in viticulture


Since 2002 in France viticulture has been the main sector of activity affected by musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs): 565 cases of MSDs were recognised in 2006, or five times more than in 1996.
For this purpose, a study carried out by a task force at the initiative of the Caisse centrale de la mutualité sociale agricole (CCMSA) has highlighted the lack of knowledge and expertise regarding both the pruning activity, and the choice and maintenance of tools.

The act of pruning testifies to the winegrower's expertise and determines the future of the vine. In particular, pruning will be decisive for the health of the plant, and subsequently the quality of the grape harvest and, hence, the economic profitability of the vineyard. Accordingly, establishing a training session on improvement of the cutting tool and its use not only helps prevent MSDs, but also helps "do the job properly".

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