Factsheet 22 - Work-related stress


In the European Union, work-related stress (WRS) is the second most common work-related health problem, after back pain, affecting 28% of EU workers1. WRS can be caused by psychosocial hazards such as work design, organisation and management eg high job demands and low job control, and issues like bullying and violence at work. Physical hazards, such as noise and temperature, can also cause WRS. Prevention of WRS is one of the objectives in the Communication from the European Commission2 on the new strategy on health and safety at work. The Agency is producing a series of fact sheets to help tackle WRS and some of its key triggers. This fact sheet sets out a risk assessment and prevention approach that can be applied to WRS and its causes. It is intended for those seeking to tackle WRS in the workplace. The further information section at the end gives detail on Agency sources of assistance, including other fact sheets.

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